Why London continues to be a great investment opportunity: An analysis by Azad Ayub Ltd

Why London continues to be a great investment opportunity: An analysis by Azad Ayub Ltd

London continues to offer a great chance for international success, with an amazing and diverse talent pool and a vast range of customers. We analyse a few of the factors contributing towards the ever-growing success of London and why it continues to be an attractive investment opportunity in 2022.

1) World-class talent: London not only attracts the best talent from the whole of UK, but also worldwide. Investing in London gives you access to a diverse and talented workforce of more than 4 million people, speaking hundreds of languages and with a range of specialities, including some of the world’s best professional services partners.

2) Preferred choice for headquarters: Sitting in the nexus of European, Asian and US time zones, the business opportunities in London are widespread, being one of the strongest regions on the planet in terms of head offices. London is a hub for business development and innovative thinking and is paramount in developing global strategies.

3) Business-friendly environment: Benefitting from flexible employment laws, low-cost legal structures, entrepreneurs’ visa, capital tax relief and so on, London has many advantages that make it the easiest city in Europe in which to do business.

4) Access to customers and market: A London base gives you access to around 9 million Londoners and access to varies markets. With London being one of Europe’s most accessible cities, make use of low-cost rail and air links to target global territories.

5) Investment and Innovation: Ability to secure investment and develop new ideas with the help of Research and Development tax credits, the Patent Box scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme. London allows you to form great and innovative partnerships across all sectors by joining it’s converging clusters.

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