Regina Ayub-Tierney

Regina Ayub-Tierney

Joint Director

0208 3483135

07903 867624

About Regina Ayub-Tierney

With decades of experience in portfolio management, Regina has helped shape the business, developing and managing large property portfolios to a very high standard. Full of energy and abundance of experience, Regina has excellent decision-making skills and an amazing eye for detail. One of her biggest strengths is her man-management, which has helped the company maintain short turnover times with all repair, maintenance and development projects.


A strong personality, balanced decision-maker and someone with commendable values, Regina has been a backbone to the company since its inception and continues to be one to this day. She now performs directorial supervision of the company’s operations and advises on key strategic matters.


When not working, Regina enjoys a good walk, either it be in a park or a golf course, and attending sports events at Ascot, Wembley, Arsenal and The Lord’s. Regina also actively participates in charitable causes such as education and poverty alleviation.


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